What is the Windy Hill Farm Meat CSA?...
Our Community Supported Agriculture program consists of a group of people that pledge to support our farm in exchange for quality, healthy, and locally produced meats and eggs.  By pledging to support our farm, our CSA members share in the risk of production and in turn are guaranteed to receive products from our farm every month during their subscription period.  Not to mention you can enjoy our products each month knowing that they actually came from animals that were raised the way nature intended!

Our Meat CSA boxes consist of a variety of meats that may include pork, beef and chicken (boxes may occassionally include turkey products)  Here is an EXAMPLE of a FULL Share (20lbs):
•2 lbs - Ground Beef
•2 lbs - Steaks
•1 lb - Chicken Leg Quarters
•3 lbs - Beef Roast
•2 lbs - Breakfast Sausage (your choice HOT or MILD)
•2 lbs - Pork Chops
•1 lb - Beef Ribs
•3 lbs - Pork Roast
•4 lbs - Whole Chicken
(HALF Shares will of course receive approximately half of example shown above)

Items included in our CSA shares will reflect what is available on the farm for that particular month and may not be customized.  There are many factors that determine what is available at the time your monthly share is assembled, however every effort will be made to ensure a nice selection of pork, beef and chicken is included.  Part of the fun of CSA shares is learning to cook new cuts of meat and trying out new recipes!

Shares will be available for pickup the second week of each month at these locations:
-Tues 6p-7p  Windy Hill Farm  New London, NC
-Sat 8a-1p  South End Market at Atherton Mill Charlotte, NC
-Sat 9a-Noon  Charlotte Regional 'Yorkmont' Farmers Mkt Charlotte, NC

If you are unable to have your share picked up, please notify us 24 hours in advance.  In the instance we need to change pickup days/times due to circumstances out of our control (weather, harvest schedules, or other events) we will notify you via the phone number you provide on your application.  We also recommend checking the WHF Facebook Page for any last minute changes/problems we may announce before heading to your pickup site each month.

By joining our CSA program, you are supporting our small, local, family farm while ensuring that your family has access to healthy, naturally-raised meats and eggs each month!

How do I become a Windy Hill Farm CSA member?
Email us and let us know you would like to join our meat CSA program and we'll send you an application with the details and instructions to join. Then be prepared to enjoy a variety of our local, naturally-raised meats and fresh free-range eggs for the next 6 months!

Subscription payment is due along with the completed Meat CSA Application to reserve your share.  Shares are limited and allocated on a first-come first-served basis.  Windy Hill Farm reserves the right to close CSA registration at any time.  Due to the planning and investments that raising livestock requires, all payments are non-refundable.

To request our Meat CSA Application
email us at windyhillfarm(at)ctc.net
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Shares subscriptions are for 6 months and available as:

HALF Share:
10 lbs meat
$550 (cash or check)

FULL Share:
(Recommended for a family of four)
20 lbs meat
$999 (cash or check)

EGG Add-On:
1 doz per month (6 doz total) $42
2 doz per month (12 doz total) $84
3 doz per month (18 doz total) $126

Subscription Fees include TAX!
3% will be added to total if paying with card
Not sure if our Meat CSA is right for you?...
You may want to start off with one of our Meat CSA Samplers!  Click on the links below for more information:

Half Share (10 lb) SAMPLER

Full Share (20 lb) SAMPLER

And be sure to tell your friends and neighbors about our CSA Sampler options!